Thursday, April 30, 2009


This is the first ASS records digital release, the ASS side of the first split tape with Colon Pipe. Unfortunately, a few songs were lost when went down, but this has:
1. Hate Breeder
2. Burned Out
3. Number One is a Lie
4. Black and White
5. WWIII (old lyrics)

This was the first ASS release, recorded by Even on a four track at Xanadu, our practice space.
ASS on this recording:
Jim, Tiffany, Corry and Gabe.

ASS02: ASS/ :| split tape (ASS side)
Download the zip here
And the insert: ASS side / :| Side

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  1. evan has everything you guys recorded there, so if you're missing songs he could probably dig them up.

    - mason

  2. Cool, do you have contact info for him?

  3. Here is the wayback machine's archive of the the site, and I believe you can get hte MP3's from it.

  4. I'm glad I found this..came looking for album art but didn't expect to find so much great stuff. I doubt your remember but I drove from Texas to Albuquerque when you played down here, made your buttons for that tour, and loved you guys!