Sunday, May 3, 2009

ASS04: Terracide- The Dead

The first tape by Minneapolis epic sci-fi crusaders Terracide. These guys are fucking amazing. Lyrics are here, or download in .pdf here.
1. Climate Control
2. The Feast
3. Lycanthropy
4. The Disciple
5. The Virus
6. The Pit
7. The Living Dead (listen)

All songs written by Terracide. Recorded May 2008 by Trent in Trent's basement. This was released as a tape by Terracide in 2008.
Terracide on this recording:

Mike Pudd'nhead: guitar, vocals, lyrics
Eric: Drums
Scorpiaon: Guitar
Noah: Bass

ASS04: Terracide- The Dead
Download .zip (Now with art and lyrics!) here
Right click, save as...

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