Monday, May 25, 2009

ASS08: Pocket Pu$$y- Teen Dream

This is the only Pocket Pu$$y release. Totally raw and vicious, with members of DCM, Kitten Forever, Thunderthighs and a fucking xylophone.

1. We Made Out in 1st Grade & Now Yr Married & it's Weird. (listen)
2. Hey Cool!
3. Sausage Party
4. Pu$$y Party
5. Sorry I Didn't Answer Yr Call (My Anxiety is Off the Hook)
6. Make Me Cum (So I Can Break Up with You)
7. Double or Nothing
8. Be Yr Dog
9. Walkin in the Sand (bonus!)

This was released as a tape by Pocket Pu$$y in 2008.
All songs by Pocket Pu$$y except Be yr Dog and Walkin in the Sand
Cover Photo by Summer Michaud-Skog

Pocket Pu$$y was:
Leah Coldheart: Screams and Tambourinez
Molly Berzerk: Guitar
Tina Capricorn: Bass
Rose Karnage: Xylaphone
Corrie Kathleen: Drumz

ASS08: Pocket Pu$$y - Teen Dream
download .zip with insert and cover here
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