Thursday, September 17, 2009

Children of Euler Preview!

**The final version of Children of Euler: The Failure of Order is now available on ASS Records, right here! **

These are a couple of songs from our upcoming tape, recorded by Trent in Trent's basement.

1. Divergent at Infinity
2. Poison of Mind
3. Spectre of the Incomplete
4. Into the Grasp of Man

COE is
Jim: Vocals
Dave: Guitar
Rocky: Bass
Erric: Drums

Download the .zip here
View lyrics here


  1. Jesus, I have to change my shorts.

  2. Jim,

    This is Ian from the Turf club show this weekend. I'm trying to put together a house show with Knife World up in duluth on either Friday Apr. 30th or Sat. May. 1st. I want Children to play. I think you guys would be a great fit, and Duluth would respond really well.
    Get in touch with me.
    my email:

    Again, killer show on saturday.