Thursday, October 1, 2009

ASS10: Awesome Snakes - Snake Cake

Total Party! It's a Summertime Birthday EP from Awesome Snakes, featuring members of Awesome Snakes.

1. Moola
2. You Got Another Thing Comin'
3. Birthday Party Sally
4. Fist Fight

Listen to Fist Fight here:

Music and lyrics written and stolen by Awesome Snakes. Snake Cake was recorded by Neil Weir at Old Blackberry Way in the Spring of 2009. Snake and Cake art by Konrad Purski.
Awesome Snakes is Annie and Danny.

ASS10: Awesome Snakes: Snake Cake
download .zip with art here
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  1. Thanks for the music. Download my free (100% sick) haunted mixtape. Support Mpls artists!

  2. Awesome Snakes fucking rocks!! greatings from your fan from poland