Sunday, November 1, 2009

ASS12: ASS - Sink

This is the last ASS album. Remember when ASS got best new band in City Pages after we broke up for a song we didn't write? Members of ASS went on to be in Ganglion, The Potty mouths, Kill the Runt and Children of Euler.

1. Monument
2. Sink
3. Revolution / Self Destruction
4. Four More Years

Listen to Monument here:

This was released on CD by Profane Existence in 2005. All songs by ASS except ASSKICKATRON by Faggatron. Recorded by Brad at Melvin Rae. Thanks to Dan at Profane for letting us release this for free and not being all record-label-y. Fuck yeah.

ASS was on this Recording:
Jim ASS: Vocals
Tiff-O-Knee: Guitar
Mark Exclamation!: Bass
Klause Dakota: Drums

ASS12: ASS: Sink
download .zip with art here
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