Monday, July 5, 2010

ASS 19: County Z - There Goes the Neighborhood

This is second record from County Z, released as a 7" in 2002.  A total Minneapolis classic.  Members went on to play in Rotten Living, Mother of Fire and many other projects.

1. You Wear it Well
2. There Goes the Neighborhood
3. The Monkey

Listen to You Wear it Well here:

Recorded by Don Godwin on an eight track reel to reel at Marla's House Recording in New Orleans, LA. Art by Naomi.

County Z was:
Naomi: Vocals, violin on "You Wear it Well", Cello on "There Goes the Neighborhood" and Guitar on "The Monkey"
Forest: Drums
Ryan: Bass

Don Godwin played guitar on "You Wear it Well" and "There Goes the Neighborhood"

ASS Records 19: County Z - There Goes the Neighborhood
Download .zip with liner notes here
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ASS 18: Sharp Teeth - Lines and Stars

Lines and Stars is the second Sharp Teeth full length, self released in 2009.
Their sound is heavy-duty, beautiful in its simple bombast. But these songs communicate something more—an ache and a wistfulness for something that has never been. Without knowing the words, you know these are songs about frustration, the kind found in the most sincere of love songs. And Sharp Teeth offer relief from the roar in the form of candy-coated melodies, which appear for just for a minute at time and waver on feelings of hopefulness, like hopping over a fence late at night to meet that boy or girl you dig so much.
1. The Light
2. Redwoods
3. Walk on Waves
4. Dead Air
5. Take You Swimming
6. Blood is Safe
7. Long Day
8. Pounding Heart
9. Lines and Stars

Listen to Take You Swimming here:

Recorded by Neil Weir at Old Blackberry Way studio in 2009.
Sharp Teeth are:
Erica Krumm: Guitar and Vocals
Nate Baka: Drums
Adri Mehra: Bass

ASS Records 18: Sharp Teeth - Lines and Stars
Download here
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Monday, April 19, 2010

ASS16: Children of Euler - The Failure of Order

Download for free or buy a physical copy here.
Recorded by Trent in Trent's Basement
Children of Euler is Jim, Dave, Rocky and Eric.
ASS Records 16: Children of Euler - The Failure of Order

Thursday, March 18, 2010

ASS17: Frozen Teens - Gas Money Demos

This is the first CD by the Frozen Teens, featuring members of Friendly, Cortez the Killer and Dirtyard.

From the MRR Blog:
On a recent road trip I had the great fortune of happening upon a totally awesome new band: FROZEN TEENS. Since they’re from Minneapolis, I can’t help thinking they sound a bit like the great SUICIDE COMMANDOS with a little early REPLACEMENTS vibe… but with very much their own unique sound. The ‘Teens infectiously memorable demo sounds strangely timeless — like it was recorded in the far past — or on another planet. And the lyrics make you shiver with their simple brilliance. This CD was on constant repeat for the whole trip home, and if you don’t know: it takes a really, really long time to drive from Minnesota to California.

1. Hopeless City
2. Short Testament
3. New Year
4. She's Cute
5. Bury Me Alive

Listen to Hopeless City here:

Recorded by Frozen Teens at Ass Castle in 2009
Frozen Teens are
Will Simon: Guitar/Vocals
Wil Olsen: Bass/Vocals
Ski: Drums/Vocals

ASS Records 17: Frozen Teens - Gas Money Demos
Download .zip here
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

ASS15: Potty Mouths S.T.

This is the first and only Potty Mouths recording, never before released. The Potty Mouths were a Minneapolis pop-punk band active in 2009 with Tiffany from ASS, Nate from Sharp Teeth and Zack from Olsen Twin Suicide.

1. Soft Orange White
2. Broken Stereo
3. Dry Heaves
4. Springtime Jamboree
5. Punk Rock Show
6. The Worst Part
7. Look Who's Talking Never
8. It's a Trick, Get an Axe!
9. Hidden Track

Listen to Soft Orange White here:

Recorded in 2009 by Trent in Trent's Basement.
Potty Mouths were-
Tiffany - Vocals and Guitar
Zach - Vocals and Bass
Nate - Drums

ASS Records 15: Potty Mouths - S.T.
Download .zip here
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ASS14: Friendly - EP CD

This is the first EP from the totally inspiring Minneapolis band Friendly. Members of Friendly went on to be in The Agenda, Question, Cognitive Dissonance, Frozen Teens, Terracide, ASS and more.

1. ...They Don't
2. Dreamers
3. Fog
4. Love

Listen to Dreamers here:

All songs written by Friendly. This was released as a self produced cd-R in 2003.
Friendly was on this recording was:
Joe B - Drums
Teddy - Bass
Wil - Guitar

ASS14: Friendly - ST
download .zip with artwork here.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ASS13: Ganglion Discography

This is it, everything that Ganglion ever released, now with full audio commentary.
The first link is the complete discography, the second is the discography with full real time audio commentary recorded in 2009 at Trent's, and the third is ridiculously high quality scans of all the art and liner notes from everything we ever released.

There will be a 4CD box set of all this coming out soon.

1. Ageless Formless Hollow
2. Thinning the Herd
3. Numbers
4. Choking on it
5. Gears and Wires
6. I Wept, It Burned my Rotten Flesh
7. The Earth Gives Way

Of the Deep:
8. Shadows Lengthen into Blades
9. Numbers
10. Dry Rot
11. Temple Walls
12. Thinning the Herd
13. Ageless Formless Hollow
14. Harvest
15. Internal Combustion
16. The Well
17. The Earth Gives Way
18. Aftermath
19. Choking On It (unreleased)

As Steel Takes to Flesh:
20. Far Beyond the Reach of Earth
21. As Steel Takes to Flesh
22. Cannibalized
23. No Sound buy our Victory Howls (unreleased)
24. Aether Void
25. Culling Sun
26. Shrine of Withered Flesh

Astride the Loathsome Night:
27. Astride the Loathsome Night
28. Over Boiling Seas
29. Carnage of Despair
30. In the Walls
31. The Will of Life Undone

Final CD:
32. Their Shattered Pipes Sing Our Victory

Life Of Monotony Tape:
33. Far Beyond the Reach of Earth
34. As Steel Takes to Flesh

Medusa I Tape:
35. Their Shattered Pipes Sing Our Victory (Live at the last show)

Ganglion was Jim Trent Angie and Eric. Thanks to everyone who ever helped us with anything, Hello Asshole Records and Bevery's Favorites Tapes.

ASS13: Ganglion Discography


Discography .zip with art here

Discography with Commentary .zip here

All art and liner notes .zip here
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