Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ASS13: Ganglion Discography

This is it, everything that Ganglion ever released, now with full audio commentary.
The first link is the complete discography, the second is the discography with full real time audio commentary recorded in 2009 at Trent's, and the third is ridiculously high quality scans of all the art and liner notes from everything we ever released.

There will be a 4CD box set of all this coming out soon.

1. Ageless Formless Hollow
2. Thinning the Herd
3. Numbers
4. Choking on it
5. Gears and Wires
6. I Wept, It Burned my Rotten Flesh
7. The Earth Gives Way

Of the Deep:
8. Shadows Lengthen into Blades
9. Numbers
10. Dry Rot
11. Temple Walls
12. Thinning the Herd
13. Ageless Formless Hollow
14. Harvest
15. Internal Combustion
16. The Well
17. The Earth Gives Way
18. Aftermath
19. Choking On It (unreleased)

As Steel Takes to Flesh:
20. Far Beyond the Reach of Earth
21. As Steel Takes to Flesh
22. Cannibalized
23. No Sound buy our Victory Howls (unreleased)
24. Aether Void
25. Culling Sun
26. Shrine of Withered Flesh

Astride the Loathsome Night:
27. Astride the Loathsome Night
28. Over Boiling Seas
29. Carnage of Despair
30. In the Walls
31. The Will of Life Undone

Final CD:
32. Their Shattered Pipes Sing Our Victory

Life Of Monotony Tape:
33. Far Beyond the Reach of Earth
34. As Steel Takes to Flesh

Medusa I Tape:
35. Their Shattered Pipes Sing Our Victory (Live at the last show)

Ganglion was Jim Trent Angie and Eric. Thanks to everyone who ever helped us with anything, Hello Asshole Records and Bevery's Favorites Tapes.

ASS13: Ganglion Discography


Discography .zip with art here

Discography with Commentary .zip here

All art and liner notes .zip here
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