Saturday, February 20, 2010

ASS15: Potty Mouths S.T.

This is the first and only Potty Mouths recording, never before released. The Potty Mouths were a Minneapolis pop-punk band active in 2009 with Tiffany from ASS, Nate from Sharp Teeth and Zack from Olsen Twin Suicide.

1. Soft Orange White
2. Broken Stereo
3. Dry Heaves
4. Springtime Jamboree
5. Punk Rock Show
6. The Worst Part
7. Look Who's Talking Never
8. It's a Trick, Get an Axe!
9. Hidden Track

Listen to Soft Orange White here:

Recorded in 2009 by Trent in Trent's Basement.
Potty Mouths were-
Tiffany - Vocals and Guitar
Zach - Vocals and Bass
Nate - Drums

ASS Records 15: Potty Mouths - S.T.
Download .zip here
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