Thursday, March 18, 2010

ASS17: Frozen Teens - Gas Money Demos

This is the first CD by the Frozen Teens, featuring members of Friendly, Cortez the Killer and Dirtyard.

From the MRR Blog:
On a recent road trip I had the great fortune of happening upon a totally awesome new band: FROZEN TEENS. Since they’re from Minneapolis, I can’t help thinking they sound a bit like the great SUICIDE COMMANDOS with a little early REPLACEMENTS vibe… but with very much their own unique sound. The ‘Teens infectiously memorable demo sounds strangely timeless — like it was recorded in the far past — or on another planet. And the lyrics make you shiver with their simple brilliance. This CD was on constant repeat for the whole trip home, and if you don’t know: it takes a really, really long time to drive from Minnesota to California.

1. Hopeless City
2. Short Testament
3. New Year
4. She's Cute
5. Bury Me Alive

Listen to Hopeless City here:

Recorded by Frozen Teens at Ass Castle in 2009
Frozen Teens are
Will Simon: Guitar/Vocals
Wil Olsen: Bass/Vocals
Ski: Drums/Vocals

ASS Records 17: Frozen Teens - Gas Money Demos
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